Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression

Image Gallery

July 13th 1935

An autochrome photograph of a large picnic oven at Unity Farm (Unity Village), as seen from the west. The oven could use wood or gas as fuel.

A portrait of Walt Disney.

November 8th 1918

Postcard of the entrance to Swope Park, located at the intersection of Meyer Boulevard and Swope Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jackson County, Missouri courthouse building as it looked in Kansas City about 1936. Harry S. Truman, as Presiding Judge of Jackson County, was instrumental in the building of the courthouse.


Two residents, a man and a woman, of Greenway Fields walk near the Rams' Heads, a decorative motif for a trellis over the sidewalk on Valley Road near 62nd Street.

July 24th 1932

An autochrome photograph of a woman and child on the property of Lionel Benjamin, a buyer for Fred Harvey.

December 1939

Motorized snowplows are called into action to clear the sidewalks of J. C. Nichols Companies homes in the Oak Meyer Gardens subdivision.

Photograph of the Annunciation Boys Choir on an Easter Sunday in the early 1940's.


The first unit of Country Club Plaza Triangle Building under construction. This picture was taken looking north-northwest at the intersection of 47th Street and Wyandotte Street.

June 17th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Paul Uhlmann's residence, taken from the southeast. Uhlmann was President of Uhlmann Grain Company.

Early 1940's photograph of Grace Allen, Reverend Preston Allen, Sr., and Vernetta Allen standing in front of Preston's home at 2439 Forest Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

June 6th 1933

An autochrome photograph of William M. Hand's residence, taken from the east at J. C. Nichols Company's old site. Hand was manager at the General Electric Company.

Photograph of Bennie Moten, standing in second row at right, and his band pose with their tour bus in front of a music shop.

September 20th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Hugh J. Mathews, Jr.'s house and window flower boxes, taken from the southeast. Mathews was an executive with Mathews Machine Works.

November 1st 1921

Postcard showing a portion of the spectators from the Liberty Memorial dedication ceremony on November 1st, 1921.

Photograph of the exterior of the Kansas City Call building that appears to have been taken from inside an automobile.

October 11th 1928

Mugshot of Manny Akers, Inmate #30817. Akers was sentenced to time in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after a conviction of attempting to influence jurors.

September 1st 1933

An autochrome photograph of Frank E. Jones's residence, taken from the east. Jones was president of the Mission Oil Company.

Jay McShann with baton, taken by Bert's Photo Studio, Kansas City, Missouri, no date. Source: Charles Goodwin.

October 30th 1932

An autochrome photograph of a large decorative Halloween pumpkin in the Country Club Plaza on Alameda Road at Central Street.


Photograph of a cafe/delicatessen at 5824 Swope Parkway, taken in connection with Criminal Case No. 34750: State of Missouri vs. John Gadwood.


This picture was taken looking north in the median of Ward Parkway just north of Gregory Boulevard.

September 24th 1927

Jackson County Judge Harry S. Truman is signing county checks with a multiple machine.


This picture of the Tower Building and Wolferman Building was taken looking north-east at the intersection of 47th Street and Wyandotte Street.

January 6th 1931

Harry S. Truman is being sworn in as a judge of the county court of Jackson County, Missouri.

Half length view of Count Basie.

June 9th 1920

Postcard of the west end of Cliff Drive in Kansas City, Missouri.


Bennie Moten's Orchestra, with instruments, taken by Bert Photo Studio, ca. 1926.

September 29th 1918

Street photograph of the Wheatley-Provident Hospital Dedication Parade at the intersection of 18th Street and The Paseo on September 29, 1918.

July 2nd 1935

An autochrome photograph of Thomas L. Luzier's swimming pool, taken from the west. Luzier was founder of Luzier Personalized Cosmetics.


Photograph of Visitation graduating class of 1932 outside of the entrance to Visitation Church.


An autochrome photograph of Fred Wolferman's residence, taken from the southeast. Wolferman was founder of Wolferman's Grocery Stores.


View of Arbor Villa Park. Homes, cherubs, trees, a tennis court, and playground equipment all visible in background.

A black and white glass plate positive photograph of the Kansas City Zoo entrance from an aerial view.

July 18th 1938

Mugshots of Joseph Maher, Inmate #53422. Maher was sentenced to two years in the U.S.

September 19th 1924

Postcard of the lake and drive in Penn Valley Park in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces north-northeast towards downtown from Penn Drive, south of 27th Street.