Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression

Richard Galatas Inmate File: Mugshot and Fingerprints


Mugshot, fingerprints and physical description for Richard Galatas, Inmate #46085, which includes information on personal habits, background, and detailed physical descriptions and measurements. Galatas was sentenced to two years in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after being convicted of conspiracy related to the Union Station Massacre.

January 5th 1935
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Leavenworth, KS
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Publication, commercial use, or reproduction of this image or the accompanying data requires prior written permission from the National Archives at Kansas City. Use of this image also requires that credit be given to the National Archives at Kansas City.
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NARA ID 571125, Inmate Case Files, 7/3/1895 - 11/5/1957
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